Imfuyo: A Participant in the Next Fintech Revolution in Agriculture

Imfuyo, an Agri-Fin-Tech organization based in Kenya, is at the forefront of a significant shift in the agricultural sectorThis shift, often referred to as the next fintech revolution in agriculture, is a convergence of agriculture, finance, and technology. Imfuyo is not just a part of this revolution; it is leading the way.

Intersection of Agriculture, Finance, and Technology

The global financial services market, estimated at $23 trillion, has seen a surge in fintech innovations. However, most of these innovations have focused on sectors that are intuitive to everyday consumers. The next wave of fintech is set to disrupt less ‘sexy’ markets that are fundamental to the global economyOne such market is agriculture finance.

Agriculture finance has been identified as a sector ripe for disruptionThe reasons are two fold: the size of the market and the limitations of existing service providers.

In the US alone, farms and farm-dependent industries account for 5% of annual GDPIn many emerging markets, agriculture’s share of the overall economy is significantly higher.

Enter ImfuyoThis innovative company is using technology to collect human/farmer and animal/livestock dataThis data is then used to offer financial solutions in the agricultural sector, unlocking and sustaining food production, and increasing farmers’ incomes.

Imfuyo’s Milestones

Imfuyo’s approach has already started to yield results. The company has successfully empowered small-scale farmers in Kirinyaga in the goat-rearing value chainBy bringing the farmers together and deliberating on the best investment options, Imfuyo has managed to create a model that benefits both the farmers and the company.

Emerging Markets and Livestock Farming

Imfuyo’s work doesn’t stop at providing financial solutions. The company is also keen on feed optimizationWith the help of experts, Imfuyo is working on reducing methane emissions from livestock. This is a significant step towards sustainable farming and a testament to Imfuyo’s commitment to creating a better future.


Imfuyo is more than just an Agri-Fin-Tech company. It is a pioneer, leading the way in the next fintech revolution in agricultureBy leveraging technology and finance, Imfuyo is not only transforming the agricultural sector but also improving the lives of farmers.

Use of tech (data) in agriculture

As we look to the future, one thing is clear: Imfuyo is set to play a significant role in shaping the future of agriculture finance.

This article is inspired by the insights shared by Nik Milanovic in his Forbes article titled “The Next Fintech Revolution: Agriculture Finance”

For any inquiries, investment partnerships, and strategic partnerships in the growth of livestock farming at the intersection of financial and technology success, please reach out to Mr. Bernard Njathi, the Founder and CEO of Imfuyo.


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