From Forgotten Fields to a Future Filled with Milk: Imfuyo’s Uplifting Journey with the Muthegi Agricultural Development Forum (MADF)

☀️ Amidst the sun-drenched savannas of Kirinyaga County, Kenya, a quiet revolution whispers through the fields.

This isn’t the typical tale of towering tractors or sprawling monocultures; it’s a story of resilience, ingenuity, and the transformative power of a single drop of milk.

At its core lies Imfuyo, an award-winning Agri-Fin-Tech startup, and the Muthegi Agricultural Development Forum (MADF), a testament to their unwavering commitment to unlocking and sustaining food production in one of the most overlooked sectors: financing in agriculture.

Imfuyo training MADF members. MADF is an Imfuyo-created farmer group for goat milk producers.

Challenges and Imfuyo’s Groundbreaking Approach

For generations, Kenyan farmers, and by extension, much of Africa, have been ostracized by traditional banking systems, deemed “credit unworthy” by faceless algorithms and rigid policies.

Imfuyo dared to challenge this narrative. They saw not just risk but boundless potential in the eyes of these overlooked individuals, potential waiting to be nurtured with the right tools and a little faith.

Here’s how Imfuyo’s groundbreaking approach tackled these challenges:

  1. Focus on Common Interest: Recognizing the importance of shared goals, Imfuyo handpicked passionate goat milk producers to form the MADF, fostering a supportive community focused on collective success.
Productive day with MADF and Imfuyo leadership, strategizing success for our dedicated goat dairy farmers

2. Empowerment Through Training: Farmers weren’t merely handed goats; they underwent in-depth training on best practices, covering everything from healthy goat-rearing and feeding to hygienic milk production.

Class in session! Imfuyo is providing MADF with training on best-keeping practices

3. Overcoming Obstacles, Step by Step: Building goat houses, establishing sustainable fodder sources, and navigating the intricacies of milk production — it was an uphill battle. Still, Imfuyo meticulously planned and executed each step, providing ongoing support and guidance.

Goat houses built in line with Imfuyo’s training

4. De-risking: With Imfuyo’s keen eye for data collection and agile financial models combined with the three above steps, Imfuyo was able to unlock over $5,000 in financing for the MADF.

Imfuyo’s COO, Mr. Kidui Isaac, delivering training to farmers on financial literacy, data management, loans, and livestock insurance

Transformation and Success: A Beacon of Hope

Fast forward 12 months, and the picture couldn’t be more different.

Today, the MADF stands tall, a beacon of hope and success echoing across their transformed fields. Their once “forgotten fields” are now alive with the bleats of over 34 healthy goats, a testament to Imfuyo’s unwavering support and the farmers’ dedication.

Goat In-Kind Loan Handover Sparks Success in Kirinyaga County!

Milk production, once a trickle, has blossomed into a thriving stream, exceeding 20 liters per day at its peak! Even at its lowest, they produce a respectable 16 liters, a remarkable feat for goats compared to their bovine counterparts.

Happy goats, Happy life 😊

A Chilling Boost: Transforming Milk into Opportunity

But the story doesn’t end with milk production!

Recognizing the critical need to secure the future of their hard-earned success, Imfuyo recently gifted the MADF a milk chilling freezer.

Bernard Njathi, Imfuyo CEO, handing over a milk chilling freezer to MADF leadership

This game-changer extends the shelf life of their precious milk, opening doors to wider markets and lucrative deals with larger distributors. No longer limited by a short shelf life, the MADF can now command fairer prices, maximize their profits, and build a sustainable future for their dairy enterprise.

Prepping for freshness: MADF offices equipped with a milk chilling freezer as we gear up to chill morning-collected milk

Key Achievements:

  1. Doubling Milk Production: From humble beginnings, the MADF has doubled its milk production, defying expectations for goat dairies.
Bernard Njathi, Imfuyo CEO, and MADF farmers capture a moment during a feed formulation training lunch break, a stride towards optimizing goat milk production and cost efficiency

2. Financial Empowerment for Farmers: Increased production and access to wider markets directly translate into real income for MADF families, improving their livelihood and food security. Estimated earnings of over $600 per month if all factors of production remain the same. This could easily become a primary income per farmer going forward, thanks to Imfuyo.

Hi, I’m an Imfuyo-financed goat, producing 3 liters of milk daily. Share this article and make me famous 😉

3. Technology and Data Drive Impact: Imfuyo’s data-driven approach optimizes resource allocation and support, ensuring sustainable practices and maximized impact.

Goat ID creation for data-driven decisions: Streamlining data collection, updates, analysis, and secure storage

4. Preserving the Bounty: The milk chilling freezer donation empowers the MADF to not only produce but also to control their product’s value and secure long-term financial stability for their families and community.

The MADF leadership receives a milk chilling freezer at their office in Kirinyaga. The future looks bright!

Beyond the Fields: A Ripple of Change Across Africa

The IMFUYO-MADF’s narrative represents a singular ripple within the transformative wave that Imfuyo envisions sweeping across Africa.

A moment of joy as an MADF farmer receives his first dairy goat

Imfuyo aspires to witness the flourishing of rural communities throughout the continent, empowered by sustainable agriculture and equitable access to resources.

A testimonial from Mrs. Kariuki, a happy Imfuyo-MADF farmer

This vision entails deploying agile financial models that specifically support the agricultural sectors, with a primary focus on the livestock dairy sector.

Imfuyo aims to utilize its technology and distinctive financial models not only to enhance food security but also to uplift farmers from poverty, thereby contributing to a continent characterized by good health and nutrition through increased milk production.

As articulated by Mr. Nik Milanovic in this Forbes article, the next fintech revolution is in agriculture finance. Imfuyo believes it is wise to develop foundational models to support this next revolution

Imfuyo invites strategic-thinking financial partners, investors, institutions, and policymakers to collaborate and capitalize on the significant insights and milestones gathered from the success of this model.

Mr. Charles Mwangi shares his experience of the benefits he has gained from Imfuyo in his dairy goat business

The objective is to foster a continent teeming with success stories that leave a lasting generational impact, unlocking and sustaining sustainable finance, fostering economic growth, and ensuring food security. This urgency and importance are emphasized by the World Bank’s projection of a 70% increase in food demand by 2050, accentuating the crucial nature of these initiatives

Imfuyo envisions scaling their model and collaborating with stakeholders to replicate the MADF’s success continent-wide.

This strategic approach aims to transform numerous “forgotten fields” into vibrant hubs of prosperity, ensuring a future characterized by abundance in milk, nourishment, and hope for generations to come.

Thank you for traversing this journey with us!

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Keep in mind: “ If Agriculture fails, everything else will fail ”, M. S. Swaminathan, Father of India’s Green Revolution.

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