Growing Together: Kirinyaga’s Dairy Goat Partnership Event that Sparks Transformative Growth

On the 8th of March 2024, a pivotal farmer activation event unfolded in Kirinyaga county, spearheaded by Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm, under the guidance of Mr. Julius Kangee, the Chairman of the Dairy Goats Association of Kenya (DGAK). Imfuyo, a key participant, played a crucial role in this groundbreaking event, bringing together various stakeholders for the advancement of dairy goat farming.

Unified Alliances: Imfuyo, Satima Farm House, Empire Feeds, and MADF, with the support of DGAK, Unite for Dairy Goat Farming Success

Strategic Partners and Participants: Uniting for Progress

Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm, owned and operated by Mr. Julius Kangee, hosted the event with enthusiasm. Imfuyo, along with strategic partners such as DGAK, Muthegi Agricultural Development Forum (MADF), Satima Farm House, Empire Feeds, and farmer groups like Njukaga Self Help Group and G19 farmer group, converged to foster collaboration and progress in the dairy goat farming sector.

Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm. Photo Credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK]

Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm stands as a beacon of expertise in goat farming, led by the knowledgeable Mr. Julius Kangee, Chairman of DGAK.

This demonstration farm serves as an invaluable learning ground, showcasing best practices in goat breeds, crossbreeding, and essential aspects of goat care. Under Mr. Kangee’s guidance, farmers gain practical insights into building sturdy goat house structures, understanding feeding frequencies, and preventing common illnesses. Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm is not just a showcase; it’s a living testament to the commitment to excellence in goat farming and the empowerment of farmers in our community.

Dairy Goats. Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK]

Training and Interaction: Empowering Over 50 Dairy Farmers

The primary objective of the gathering was to train, engage, and interact with over 50 dairy farmers, with a specific emphasis on dairy goats. Imfuyo, as a key participant, actively contributed to the comprehensive training sessions covering data and record-keeping services, financial solutions including goat insurance and loans, and the pivotal role of data and finance in optimizing goat milk production and sales.

Training session: Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK] and the dedicated farmers

Empowering Dairy Goat Farmers: Imfuyo’s Vision Unveiled

Imfuyo’s visionary approach involves group funding for farmer groups, aiming to empower over 100,000 dairy goat farmers in Kenya and beyond. The company has already financed 34 goats, with over 10 now producing more than 20 liters per day. Notably, in January, Imfuyo donated a 100-liter milk chilling freezer and established a strategic market partnership with Satima Farm House, offering $1 per liter of milk sold.

Imfuyo CEO, Mr. Bernard Njathi, Photo credits: [Imfuyo]

Farmers were fully engaged during the meeting, captivated by Imfuyo’s impressive integration of technology and finance with dairy goat farming. The session highlighted Imfuyo’s commitment to empowering farmers through innovative solutions, demonstrating the impactful use of data, finance, and technology to elevate various facets of dairy goat farming

Q&A session: Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK] and the dedicated farmers

Comprehensive Training Sessions: Insights from DGAK Demo Farm and More

The event featured an insightful showcase of Dafam Dairy Goats Demo Farm by DGAK, with Mr. Julius Kangee providing extensive training on goat breeds, crossbreeding, natural mating preparation, goat house structure, feeding frequencies, and illness prevention. Satima Farm House’s Managing Director contributed valuable insights into commercial aspects of milk handling, storage, and sales, focusing on hygiene and milk freshness.

Training session: Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK] and [Mr. Kariuki DGAK Official]

DGAK prioritizes effective goat breeding. Mr. Kariuki’s training emphasizes understanding breeds, crossbreeding, and ensuring optimal conditions for natural mating for healthier herds and sustainable dairy goat farming.

Goat breeding training session: Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK] and [Mr. Kariuki DGAK Official]

Insights from Empire Feeds: Nurturing Livestock and Farmers

Empire Feeds, represented by Ms. Priscilla Wangechi and Mr. Stephen Nthiga, delivered an in-depth training session on understanding dry matter, dry matter intake, livestock lameness, and feeding strategies. The 7 principles of goat keeping highlighted by Empire Feeds include shelter, good feeding, de-worming, vaccination, disinfectant, dipping, and record-keeping.

Empire Feeds Minerals

Culmination and Networking: Breaking Bread and Sharing Wisdom

The event concluded with farmers enjoying tea made from goat milk, fostering networking sessions. Farmers and corporate representatives exchanged stories, advice, and wisdom, solidifying the collaborative spirit that will drive the success of dairy goat farming in the region.

Networking session: Photo credits: [Imfuyo] / [Julius Kangee, DGAK] and the dedicated farmers

Imfuyo proudly stands as a key participant in this transformative event, contributing to the collective effort to empower 100,000 dairy goat farmers in Kenya. We welcome strategic partners to join us on this journey towards a thriving and sustainable dairy goat farming industry.

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