Cultivating Prosperity: Imfuyo’s Journey in Enriching Kenya’s Agricultural Tapestry


Africa’s soul is deeply rooted in its soil — a soil that tells a tale of diversity, heritage, and culture. It is on this fertile ground that Imfuyo, a visionary Agri-Fin-Tech startup, plants its seeds of change, aiming to secure food, finance, and a sustainable future for the livestock value chain in Kenya. Imfuyo and its Founder and CEO, Bernard Njathi, have been invited as guest speakers at the African Heritage Expo Switzerland 2024 to speak about “Preserving African culture, diversity, heritage while enhancing food security, Impact, financial inclusion with tech & finance.” The event will be held from May 24th to May 26th at Giesserei Oerlikon in Zurich, Switzerland under the theme “Bridging Worlds, A Celebration of Africa in Switzerland.”

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Imfuyo & Imfuyo Insurance Agency, (IIA) , We are excited to be speaking at this year’s #African #Heritage #Switzerland #Expo happening from the 24th to the 26th of May at Giesserei Oerlikon in #Zurich (Birchstrasse 108, 8050 Zurich) #Switzerland.

#Our #topic, “Preserving African Culture, Diversity, Heritage while Enhancing Food Security, Impact, Financial Inclusion with Tech & Finance,” reflects our commitment to #sustainable growth and empowerment.

Expo Information

African Heritage Expo Switzerland 2024

The African Heritage Expo Switzerland 2024 is a unique platform that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Africa while fostering connections and collaborations with the global community. Through exhibitions, performances, and discussions, the expo aims to bridge worlds and promote a deeper understanding of African culture in Switzerland and beyond. Imfuyo is honored to participate in this event, which serves as a testament to the importance of preserving African traditions and embracing diversity. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organizers for their dedication to bridging worlds and creating opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Expo Information

Embracing Africa’s Diverse Agricultural Heritage

The African continent is a cradle of agricultural diversity, where each practice and tradition reflects the rich tapestry of its people’s heritage. Agriculture is not merely a means to an end but a celebration of life and community. Imfuyo stands at the intersection of this cultural richness and technological innovation, striving to preserve and enhance the continent’s agricultural legacy.

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Imfuyo’s Impact on Food Security

Food security is a pressing challenge and a vital goal for Kenya and the broader African continent. Imfuyo addresses this through cutting-edge solutions that empower farmers with data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that increase productivity and ensure a stable food supply. For example, our mobile technology allows farmers to monitor livestock health, track milk production, and receive timely information, significantly boosting their efficiency and output.

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Financial Inclusion: The Key to Unlocking Potential

Imfuyo’s commitment to financial inclusion is transforming the economic landscape for smallholder farmers. By providing access to financial services and resources, Imfuyo is not just offering a lifeline but also fostering a culture of growth and self-sufficiency. We offer integrated “data-finance-healthcare” solutions such as; microloans, insurance products, livestock health and production analysis combined with our data-driven insights that help farmers invest in better livestock care, ultimately improving milk production and securing a steady income.

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Revitalizing the Livestock Value Chain

The livestock sector is a cornerstone of Kenya’s economy. Imfuyo’s innovative approach is injecting new life into this value chain, creating opportunities for farmers and contributing to the nation’s economic vigor. Farmers like Jackson Muthondu and Mama Emmah Njeri in Kenya exemplify how our support leads to tangible improvements in their livelihoods and communities.

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See you at the Expo! 😊


As Imfuyo takes the stage at the African Heritage Expo Switzerland 2024, it brings forth a message of hope and progress. It is a story of how embracing the diversity, heritage, and cultures of the African continent can lead to a more prosperous and secure future. Through its work in food security, financial inclusion, and the livestock value chain, Imfuyo is not just participating in agriculture; it is redefining it. The dedication to celebrating African heritage and fostering global connections at this event aligns perfectly with Imfuyo’s mission and vision for the future.

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